Advantages of Communication Technology

Communication technology has generated many advantages for individuals, business and society.These advantages include the following:

  • There is more information available to individuals at a much quicker pace. This allows more ‘foxlike,’ associative thinking which can have advantages intellectually in areas like maths and science, as seen in South Korea.
  • It presents a means for fast long-distance communication. This is good for businesses as they can set up shop online, which allows people to buy goods internationally.
  • It provides a base for mass communication. Businesses and colleges use mass email to inform their employees and students of relevant information.
  • Businesses can improve their marketing and advertisement techniques by targeting their specific target market. Facebook ‘likes’ allow for specific interests to be targeted and smartphone apps can track where people go and what stores they visit. In this way, businesses can aim promotions and other public relations accurately.
  • More recent advances, such as V marketing and Microsoft surface provide another dimension in which public relations can take place.
  • Social networking and virtual living grant a more comfortable way of socialising to those with social drawbacks such as awkwardness or disability.
  • The booming communications technology economy has created many new jobs within the sectors of computer science, digital marketing etc. According to Paul Dickinson, founder of the Carbon Disclosure Project, “an advanced communications network would form the backbone of a communications economy that has the potential to generate more economic value with less environmental impact, creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and decreasing reliance on imported oil.” However, those countries involved in this digital revolution must seize this opportunity in order to achieve a more “sustainable future.”
By mags2304

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